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At Albemarle Boats we believe in team work. The northeastern North Carolina area is historically associated with boat building and Albemarle is proud to employ some of the finest craftsmen and boat builders that can be found in the world.

We would like to introduce to you some of the fine people that make up our company. Owners and dealers may come into contact with some of our frontline people but the bulk of our employees work behind the scenes in our plant. And here is your opportunity to meet some of them...

Burch Perry - Vice President, General Manager
Ted Haigler - Director of Sales and Marketing
Donna Evans - Customer Service/Warranty Manager
Ramona Phillips - Quality Assurance and Safety Manager

Burch Perry
Vice President, General Manager

Burch Perry is Albemarle's Vice President and General Manager. Perry has held this position since 2007, and he has been a full-time fixture on the Albemarle team since 1995. He is now responsible for overseeing Albemarle's operations at the Edenton, NC facility.

A personal love for boats and sportfishing, and growing up in Edenton, NC as the grandson of Albemarle founder, Scott Harrell, made the company the perfect place for Perry. Today he is the third generation in the family to take the helm. His first employment with the company began in 1990 while on summer and holiday breaks from school. Perry learned the business from the factory up and was employed full time as the Director of Sales and Marketing after graduating from college. Perry received a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Perry has formed relationships with many Albemarle customers over the years, and he particularly enjoys the excitement of new boat owners after they have purchased an Albemarle. he can easily relate to them due to his own enthusiasm for boats and sportfishing. Perry and his wife enjoy outdoor activities and spending time on the water with their two children.

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Ted Haigler
Director of Sales and Marketing

Ted is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been a part of the Albemarle team since 2003. He began learning the Albemarle product line by working in the quality assurance department and was promoted to Customer Service Manager in 2004. Haigler was again promoted in the fall of 2005 to the position of Dealer Development Manager, where he led Albemarle's efforts in expanding and strengthening its dealer network. Named the Director of Sales and Marketing in August 2008, he is responsible for all of Albemarle's sales and marketing efforts, including boat shows and dealer management. When he's not in the office or at a boat show, Haigler enjoys fishing and hunting and is an avid runner. He and his wife reside in Edenton.

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Donna Evans

Donna Evans
Customer Service / Warranty Manager

Donna started working with Albemarle Boats in June 2000 but has 25 years experience in the retail marine industry. She was awarded Albemarle Boats Employee of the year for 2003 for hard work and dedication to the company. At Albemarle she authorizes and processes warranty claims for the dealers and customers, works in parts and accessories, and is in charge of all customer service inquiries.

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ramona phillips

Ramona Phillips
Quality Assurance & Safety Manager

Ramona joined the company in Sept. 2000 but brings over 18 years of combined marine and quality assurance experience to her position. At Albemarle she does visual inspections of form, fit and function for each boat. She is also responsible for quality assurance of all areas of production. Pictured here she is measuring the gel coat thickness of the deck of a 305 Express. Ramona is also the hazardous waste coordinator and is responsible for work safety awareness and training.

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