If you’ve ever walked the docks of a marina, fished the oceans of the world, or participated in a fishing tournament, then you know the names Carolina Classic and Albemarle Sportfishing Boats.  You also understand that these brands are recognized for building high-quality, express platforms for serious offshore fishermen.

Both companies were started as small family businesses that quickly grew to the acclaim of their proven hulls.  Their reputation for building boats that raise fish and handle nasty weather while offering premium amenities, grabbed the attention of serious anglers around the world.

The two companies have united as one to create an industry-

leading company focused on building the best express sportfishing boats on the water today.  Their combined sixty years in the marine industry, seasoned boatbuilding talent, and feedback from the owners of more than 3,600 hulls built to date will be harnessed to define the future of sportfishing boats . Albemarle, The Carolina Classic, has outlasted the competition and positioned themselves as the leader in the express boat market from 25 to 41 feet.

The families at the helm today have a commitment to innovation and quality to ensure that Albemarle Sportfishing Boats help you catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water.

Combining both companies to make one new brand

How do you combine two proven brands that have built over 3,600 boats with a 60 year history?

Easy. By combining the most recognizable icons in the boating industry. 

Carolina Classic and Albemarle boats are fished in oceans around the globe. With dealer locations in Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe and throughout the United States, our products are sold and serviced worldwide. When brands cross boarders, it’s even more important that our identity holds to international standards while representing the best in American Craftsmanship.

The Carolina Classic fishing hook that served as the “C” in 


the Carolina name helped place that brand at the top of the food chain, producing some of the best express boats on the market. The sleek and moving font-lines of the Albemarle logo related beautifully with the lines and design of the Albemarle hulls the company is known for.

To pay respect to both brands and customer-bases, we felt the only way to marry these two powerhouse boat builders was to combine the strongest features. The Albemarle “A” is delicately balanced with the "Carolina Hook" creating a strong new, attractive power icon. Adding the signature Albemarle blue marlin and adding “The Carolina Classic” tag line ties together the new look and brand, which is poised to lead the market for another 60 years.